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Note that our studio is now CASH ONLY (You can also send EMT’s) – Thank you for your understanding!


Our sweet little studio is one step in the greater vision of a global wellness movement. We cannot simply rely on one single system to help us be healthy. Saimavik Studio will help you to be at your upmost true nature; healthy, empowered and radiant. With on-going action, the effects will be felt throughout the community, Nunavut and ultimately the world! Yes, the world and it starts with you! To update you on Saimavik’s transformation, we are currently in the process of selling the space, so that we can go mobile and focus our efforts on actual programs rather then the day to day of running a space.
Founder, Christine Lamothe, is a Yoga instructor, specializing in multiple styles such as Yin, Envision, Forrest, Vinyasa and Yoga Bodywork, a B-girl (break dancer), Transformational Life Coach who is curerntly studying Registered Massage Therapy in Ottawa. Devoted to helping Iqaluit, Nunavut and the world become a happier and healthier place, Christine’s contagious optimism inspires many. She is passionate about people, movement, healing and contributing to her community. She believes in experiencing everything that life has to offer and to trust your inner voice to lead the way.


And some helpful studio etiquette, so everyone can enjoy the classes. *Also applies to all other classes.

Upon arriving at Saimavik Studio, you will enter from the front door. Please leave your shoes/boots and parkas in the entrance area. Bring in your valuables and place them in the designated area.

Be Timely
Please arrive at least 5 minutes early but no earlier than 15 minutes before the class (we may have other classes in progress). Arriving early will give you a chance to get changed, talk with your teacher about any concerns or injuries you may have, get settled in and relaxed before your class.

Silence is Key
Please turn your phone to silent & put them away for the duration of the class. (some people are on-call and must keep their portable device handy) Be quiet as you move to your desired space. This will allow for everyone to settle in comfortably and mindfully.

Wear flexible clothing. Check class descriptions to know if you should dress warmer or cooler. Most classes will get you sweating while Yin classes wont; dress accordingly so you can enjoy your practice to it’s fullest. Use clean clothing for each class you attend.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes.

During Class
Do your best and keep in mind that your best can vary from day to day. Rest when you need to, drink water, use the washroom; do what feels right to your body and trust you inner wisdom.

After Class
Feel free to talk to your teacher after class about any comments, questions or concerns you may have. However, keep in mind their may be another class starting shortly. You can also email