• Drop-In: $15 (Cash, or EMT only)

Thank you for your ongoing support and care for our way or sharing health and wellness to our community. We are phasing out the physical space where Saimavik has been operating since March 2014.

Our beautiful Studio is for SALE! Suitable for business or residential. Please contact Atiilu for details!

In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the space as well as book us for any of the below services.


Private & Semi-Private yoga sessions
A private yoga session is a very special time for you to connect deeply to yourself through the practice of yoga, with a highly qualified and compassionate instructor. Choose a session with Christine Lil*Bear Lamothe and receive some additional bodywork: muscle activation and myofascial release. We can help you with personal modifications for injuries, increase your knowledge of your body, mind & spirit connection, help you gain more confidence to attend public classes, help you bring your practice to a whole new level and give you the personalized attention to deserve.

1 Hour Private Yoga sessions: $125
1 Hour Yoga sessions for 2-5 ppl: $150 
1 Hour Yoga sessions for 6-15 ppl: $250


We are currently in the process of expanding our community outreach to include more focus on workplace wellness, school programs, resiliency building and so much more! Keep checking in to this section of our website.  We can tailor wellness programs for you needs. From conferences and meeting that need a boost of energy or a quick health breaks, Saimavik is Nunavut leading expert in all things wellness, self-care, stress-management, and resiliency!

  • An effective antidote to the stress of modern-day challenges in business and in life,
  • improves morale in the workplace,
  • increases productivity and communication,
  • increases concentration,
  • decreases anxiety and tension,
  • improves efficiency,
  • reduces muscle tension and pain,
  • less sick time and absences,
  • and ability to manage emotional stress.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us today to discuss your specific or general needs! 


Our rental mats are the Manduka Pro.

  • Per use: $2

*Please note that our rentals are for use within the studio only.

At Saimavik Studio we are proud to offer only the best products (and services). We offer a wide variety of yoga accessories ranging from top of the line yoga mats, blocks, straps, clothing, Tune-up balls and more. See store for details!


Our beautiful and welcoming space is available for daytime, evening and weekend rentals. We have everything you need from tables, chairs, a stocked kitchen and ample parking. The space is idea for meetings, trainings, rehearsals, photo-shoots and other smaller scale gatherings of up to 30 people. Sub-contracted catering services also available on demand.

  • 1 hour: $100
  • Half days: $300
  • Full days: $500

For SALE information please contact Atiilu Realty: https://atiilu.com/

Contact us for more information or if you have other needs.

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We have a number of options for you, please Contact us  to discuss the appropriate solution.

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*5% tax not included in all listed prices.