Welcome to our Pilates, Dance, Zumbini and other programs page. We regularly change and update our programs, so be sure to visit this page and your mindbody online profile often.  Please note that we offer partial subsidies for any of our programs, please contact us for more information. We welcome all without judgement. 



Our beloved teacher Zoya is currently on maternity leave. Check the link bellow to see what is currently available.
This class is designed for people who have body awareness or/and previous Pilates experience.The focus of this class is to refine and expand your Pilates repertoire with the use of light equipment and more advanced Pilates exercises. This class will be fast paced and focused on strict Pilates exercises with less attention to individual adaptations. This class will develop your endurance, flexibility and coordination.


This High Intensity Interval class combines BOXING, PILATES and simple DANCE moves that will get your heart pumping and your muscles trembling! It’s a great way to improve your cardio, burn calories and get strong. This program is brand new to Iqaluit – be the first to try! Learn more at: www.piloxing.com



Kids Hip Hop
We run level 1 and level 2 programs regularly. Please check the link below to see what is currently available.

Level 1
This program is the start of your kids b-boy/b-girl dance life! They will learn the basics needed to confidently express awesome moves with style! You may not know what you have unleashed till it’s too late: A lean, mean super dance machine!! This class requires a minimum of 5 kids in order to go forward.
Level 2
The first next level class for kids is here! It’s time for your child to learn new skills and start to weave all those moves together to the music with style!  This class requires a minimum of 5 kids in order to go forward.


The ZumbiniTM program is a child-focused journey into the world of music, movement, and dance and the natural response music provokes in both children and adults. A ZumbiniTM class is a celebration of the power of music to enhance our lives, stimulate learning, inspire dance and movement, and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

We recognize the inherent value of learning music and movement for its own sake and we celebrate all levels of participation, including exposure, rapt observation, and primitive sound/motion production. The ZumbiniTM program draws upon the natural link between music and movement.

This program is for children 0-4 years old and parents/ caregivers. Everyone plays together!  Currently offering the program through Parents and Tots Association. Check their programming for dates and details.



Please note that programs change from time to time and may not always be available. Please continue to check this link regularly.